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I’ve given the bike a really good test now. It really is an extraordinary bike. I really appreciate all the knowledge, experience, and love that went into my new bike from you all.
Thank you.

I think your bikes are incredible and i know my bike will bring me a lot of joy for a long time.

My new Legend ht8.5 is more than I could have hoped for even after reading some online reviews from fellow cyclists about how incredible these bikes are. Michela and Marco took great care of me from the beginning. They gave me a lot of clear guidance with diagrams and photos of the exact measurements they needed. By the way the more care you take with these measurements the better – there is quite extraordinary attention to detail from the Legend crew at this part of the process and taking your time here with help of another person will really reap benefits

Michela was superb at working with me on the colours and the one specific requirement i asked for on the design. she was also really good at providing the options for groupset and various other components over and above the frame. Nothing was too much for her despite being obviously very busy.

So what about the ride. It is truly beautiful and puts a smile on my face everytime. I am an endurance cyclist who loves exploring the mountains and hills of Italy on long weekend cycles. The bike is incredibly smooth and comfort levels are sublime (despite the road quality in some parts of italy!). I finish long rides fresher than on my old bike. When required acceleration is exquisite with the bike highly responsive to additional power – managed to accelerate away from some sheep dogs at incredible speed and in  a way that brought a smile to my face despite the close attention of the sheep dogs.

Descending is a delight – the roads around my usual rides aren’t great. but i know i can descend fast but safely able to quickly change direction with such a responsive bike. The direct rim brakes as michela calls them are also super good – i got caught out in a storm quite high up on a mountain recently and never felt safer coming down on the bike with the brake set up. who needs disc brakes

My recommendation would be to get a Legend – its a once in a life buy for me but it puts a smile on my face every time i ride it and will do for a very long time. And that smile is what i was after.

thanks for all the patience with me

– Paul

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