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Our new LG fork

The LG fork is one of the latest innovations at Legend and manages to offer versatility and high performance with an eye to the future of cycling. This modern and winding fork, completely designed and engineered in-house, is made entirely of carbon fiber with specific geometries that make it even more high-performance and comfortable at the same time.

In fact, a 50mm rake increases its rideability and safety even when mounted on frames with slightly straighter and more aggressive steering. On the LG fork it is possible to mount the 1 ¼-inch headset but, thanks to the use of a specific adapter ring, also a 1 ½-inch section headset.

A generous tire passage for tires up to 35mm makes it suitable for both road bikes but also for bigger tires such as those used off-road in gravel and cyclocross. There is also space to attach a fender, making it perfect for use on city bikes as well. In addition, the ability to have the three side holes means that it is also suitable for fitting with travel bags.

The LG fork is particularly forward-looking in that it is also prepared for a possible dual disc brake, in case in the future some manufacturer comes up with the idea of introducing this technology, already in use in motorcycles, to bikes as well.

There is both the option of making a totally integrated cable routing, which thus leaves the bike cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing, but also an external routing, which increases its ease and convenience of maintenance. The through-axle, on the other hand, makes wheel assembly and disassembly faster and more immediate.

Created in 2023, the LG fork is already one of the most widely used on our bicycles and the most popular with our customers.

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