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“Il58” of Juan Pablo

I love cyclism, I started cycling 7 years ago when I was training for the Ironman in Mexico. I have to confess I’m not a great fan of competition, the thing is I just really love swimming, cycling and running.

Two years ago, in Medellin, I saw a beautiful titanium bike, a tailor-made in Italy frame by Bertoletti. I immediately got in touch with Marco and, from the first moment, I realized I was talking to a true expert: he and Michela were incredibly helpful, answering all my questions and trying to meet all my needs.

After a couple of phone calls, I made up my mind and I went for the “il58” model, as it is the perfect replica of the frame Marco had made for himself… an astonishing titanium frame, my first tailor-made “disk brake” bike.

From that moment I was guided by Marco and Michela, who helped me with the design and took all my measurements.  It was such a pleasure I can barely express! I was so enthusiastic, that I decided to take a plane and fly to Italy, in order to meet the whole Bertoletti’s family and get my new bike. 

Once in Bergamo, Marco and Michela have illustrated me all the steps for the creation of my frame and we have admired all its details, but to fully appreciate it I wanted to ride it. It was an honour to ride with Marco in the hills surrounding Bergamo with my new bike, it was incredible!

Only a craftsman as talented as Marco can make you experience this kind of emotion. 

This bike is the gift I gave to myself for learning Italian and for my birthday! My first climb was so special: the bike is incredible, perfect, a titanium pure and elegant masterpiece.
The frame is very comfortable, stiff and easy to ride, you always feel everything is under control. In other words, it Is definitely my dream bike!

Thank you Michela and Marco for this masterpiece.

J. P. Henao

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