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“il 58” of Suwandi and Suiniaty

We have been looking for a bespoke Titanium bike for a long time before we decided on Legend il58 by Marco Bertoletti. It was quite a journey as there were so few references we could find on the brand Legend in Singapore.  We were so fortunate to find a very knowledgeable and professional local agent, Desmond Sim from Bike Settlement.  We shared our requirements in terms of performance and aesthetic with Desmond and we were so thrilled and satisfied with the final bikes. It was truly a great partnership among Desmond, Marco and Michela.

We were so lucky to be able to visit Marco and Michela in Bergamo in December 2021. They showed us the whole process of making our bikes and brought us on a tour of their factory. We were so impressed and amazed at Marco’s passion for frame-building and the quality of his craftsmanship.  We appreciated our first bespoke bikes even more.

These bikes are our special gift to ourselves for our 30th Wedding Anniversary.  Since we took the bikes in January 2022, we have been riding them all over Singapore.

We love them for both climbing and long distances. We rode the IL 58 for our Audax 300 km and it was so comfortable. We cannot wait to ride them in the French Alps this coming August 2022.

Grazie Marco and Michela for designing our first bespoke titanium bikes. We look forward to having the opportunity to ride with Marco in Italy sometime in the near future. 

Suiniaty Basirun and Suwandi Tok

Singapore, March 2022

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