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“IL 58” in other words, my bike.

After ten years riding the same sizes, I’ve finally decided to ride a fit bike in order to check my posture on the saddle.
Despite my constant physical activity, unfortunately I’ve got proof of a change in my body’s flexibility and also in my posture on the bike. This has led me to a lengthening of my head tube and the adaptation of my frame size.

In order to create “Il 58” I’ve used conical titanium differentiated thickness Grade 9 tubes, which guarantee a lighter frame, without losses in stability. The head is a biconical 1.5”-1.5” CNC titanium monolith, which, in confront of the classic conical head tube, offers a better drivability and greater stability and precision in curve.

The frame is suitable for internal cable routing and, thanks to the fork and DEDA DCR accessories, cables are completely integrated in handlebars, for an incredibly clean result.

In my opinion, the beauty and elegance of pure titanium don’t need to be covered with polish. That’s why I’ve chosen to leave it unpolished, commissioning only some silver laser engravings with blue profiles.

For the first time I’m using a Deda Alanera handlebar on my bike. A choice I’ve made considering some aspects in particular: first of all, hand lightness. Secondly the DCR system that guarantees a perfect integration between the handlebar and the frame of my bike. Lastly, stiffness and posture.

Considering the great experience I had using a wireless group, I’ve decided to put the same group in 12-speed version. The SRAM RED AXS group ensures a fluid and silent way of pedaling, with a high gear ratio.

On this bike I ride a 46-33 10-33, which assures the necessary sprint on plains and all the agility I need to face the most challenging climbs.

A pair of Deda SL30 carbon tubular wheels, compatible both with clincher and tubeless bike tyres, completes the bike.
According to my habits, I use Veloflex Corsa EVO 25 clincher tyres.

Finally, I did on a whim: a pair of Assioma DUO power meter pedals.

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